The Bridge

The Bridge is the official newsletter of the Corporation for Sponsored Ministries, published three times a year. All recent and present Board members, the Sisters of Saint Joseph, CSJ Associates, and all of the sponsored ministries receive The Bridge. The newsletter includes both current events at the ministries and ongoing education in CSJ Core Values.

The Bridge Theme 2017-2018

Make the World a Better Place for All

 The progressive development of peoples is an object of deep interest and concern to the Church. This is particularly true in the case of those peoples who are trying to escape the ravages of hunger, poverty, endemic disease and ignorance; of those who are seeking a larger share in the benefits of civilization and a more active improvement of their human qualities; of those who are consciously striving for fuller growth. (Populorum Progressio, Introduction)

Fifty years after the promulgation of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Populorum Progressio “On the Development of Peoples,” it continues to challenge us to reach out to those on the margins on society.  The Seven Tenets of Social Justice and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework for improving the human condition. Our CSJ spirituality calls us to ceaselessly work for the Dear Neighbor.

Be courageous to undertake what God wants of you and constant to persevere in what you undertake, never giving up whatever difficulties occur and whatever obstacles may be placed in your path unless you become totally powerless against them. (Maxim 66)

We will publish three issues of The Bridge, November, March and June. Your articles and pictures are welcomed before the due date when possible. You may invite your colleagues, students, residents, or parents to write or make a contribution to the article. I ask that you give the administrator the article to read and approve before you submit it. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all who receive a hard copy of The Bridge and with those who read it on our website.

Fall Articles and Pictures:                           On or before Monday, November 10, 2017
Winter/Spring Articles and Pictures:        On or before Monday, March 10, 2018
Spring/Summer Articles and Pictures:    On or before Monday, June 10, 2018


Fall/Winter: A Heritage of Service to the Dear Neighbor

We deem it fitting to praise those oft forgotten pioneers who were motivated by love for Christ, just as we honor their imitators and successors who today continue to put themselves at the generous and unselfish service of those to whom they preach the Gospel (Populorum Progressio, 12).

  • How does your ministry remember its CSJ founders and share its history? How do you continue their legacy? How do you celebrate the founding of your ministry?


Winter/Spring: Building Community to Promote the Common Good

We cannot insist too much on the duty of giving foreigners a hospitable reception. It is a duty imposed by human solidarity and by Christian charity, and it is incumbent upon families and educational institutions in the host nations (Populorum Progressio, 67)

Emigrant workers should also be given a warm welcome. Their living conditions are often in human, and they must scrimp on their earnings in order to send help to their families who have remained behind in their native land in poverty. (Populorum Progressio, 69)

  • How does your ministry enhance the common good for new families, new workers, refugee and emigrants?
  • How does your ministry encourage all members of ministry to learn about and participate in enhancing the common good?


Spring/Summer: The Ongoing Call to Social Justice

The present state of affairs must be confronted boldly, and its concomitant injustices must be challenged and overcome. Continuing development calls for bold innovations that will work profound changes. Everyone must lend a ready hand to this task, particularly those who can do most by reason of their education, their office, or their authority. (Populorum Progressi, 32).

  • How does your ministry advocate for the needs of others and create a more just society?
  • How does your ministry appreciate the traditions and cultures of the people in your ministry and your neighborhood?
Past Issues of The Bridge
2016-2017 Issues Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love)
Fall 2016
Winter Spring 2017
2015-2016 Issues Laudato Si’ (On Care for Our Common Home)
Fall 2015
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Spring Summer 2016
2014-2015 Issues Evangelli Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel)
Fall 2014
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The Bridge Policies

The Bridge is the official communication of the Office of Sponsored Ministries to inform, educate, and inspire the community linked to CSJ Sponsored Ministries. The Bridge is published three times a year.  A hard copy is distributed to all current Board members, CSJ Associates, Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston, local ministries, and Brighton employees.  An electronic copy of each issue and an index of all articles are available on the Sponsored Ministries website.

The Office of Sponsored Ministries has an expectation that all Sponsored Ministries will contribute an article to each issue.  We welcome all article submissions and pictures from the Sponsored Ministries.  All submitted articles must have the approval of the local ministry administrator.  All articles are subject to editing by the Sponsored Ministries staff.

Suggested length is 400-500 words.  Microsoft Word format is required.  Pictures should be submitted as an attachment, not embedded within the document.  Be sure to clearly indicate article title, author’s name and position at the ministry.

Two to four photos should accompany each article.  Please include pictures that reflect the diversity of your ministry.

Digital photos are strongly preferred.  Please submit digital photos as jpegs with a resolution of at least 150 dpi. Please do not submit photos from your iPhone as the resolution is not strong enough to enlarge and reproduce a quality printed photo.

Non-digital photos will be scanned and returned (please include a mailing address).  Please do not write on the back of photos.

Please label the photos with the ministry name (BHCC, BHP, FA, JS, RC, SJPHS, WPMS) and identify all people in the picture separately.  Appropriate photo release forms should be on file at the local ministry.