Resources for Boards

The Office of Sponsored Ministries provides several governance resources including the following services:

  • New Board Chairs Orientation
  • New Chairs Orientation, scheduled for November each year, consists of presentations on relationships within the CSJ sponsorship model, leadership in governance and best practices for high-performing boards. It is also an opportunity for new Chairs to get to know each other and ask questions about board work.
  • New Trustees and New Administrators Orientation

New Trustees and New Administrators Orientation occurs every year and is offered in two parts.

The first part in early September includes: an orientation of all new board members to the history, mission, charism of the CSJs, the CSJ sponsorship model, the sponsored ministries, and trusteeship in the sponsored ministries. Also included is an orientation to the local ministry in board work, the strategic plan, understanding financial statements, and mentor sessions that are provided by the local ministry board.

The second part in mid-January consists of an introduction to CSJ spirituality as expressed in the CSJ Core Values and the sponsorship governance structure, that is provided by the Office of Sponsored Ministries. Also included is a discussion of board leadership and mentor sessions, that are provided by the local ministry board.

Governance (Nominating or Trustee) Committee Workshop
The Governance Committee is charged with the responsibility of building and developing a high-performing board by focusing on board membership and organization. This hour-long presentation describes the wide range of responsibilities of the Committee and the importance of the Committee to optimal board performance.

Individual Meetings with Chairs and Administrators
The Executive Director, Director of Mission Effectiveness, and CSJ Councilor for Ministry meet with the Chairs of the local ministry Boards and the administrators of the ministries throughout the year. Topics of interest include developments in the sponsorship model, exercise of leadership at the governance and operations levels, and effective living out of the CSJ values as experienced in the daily environment.

Other Services are offered by the Office of Sponsored Ministries and available to any CSJ sponsored ministry and Congregation ministry upon request. Each service is handcrafted to suit the specific needs of the ministry in collaboration with the people in the ministry.

Executive Search Committee
Assistance is provided by the Office of Sponsored Ministries to any CSJ sponsored ministry seeking to fill the chief executive position. Having an organized, effective search committee is a key factor in the successful recruitment of a chief executive. The search committee is responsible for setting a process, schedule and timeline. The committee will write the position description, define the position requirements, determine the advertising plan, review resumes, interview candidates, and select a final candidate to be recommended to the board for appointment.

Strategic Planning
Each CSJ sponsored ministry is expected to have a strategic plan in place that articulates the overall direction and goals of the organization. Assistance is provided by the Office of Sponsored Ministries to any CSJ sponsored ministry or Congregation ministry that wants to develop a strategic plan.

Organizational Performance Improvement
Maximizing performance is every organization’s top priority today. Organizations that can clearly identify, articulate, and execute their strategic goals are well positioned to succeed. To effectively achieve these goals, the sponsored ministries must measure and manage actual business performance against them in a highly coordinated manner, so that performance improvement is the outcome.

The Office of Sponsored Ministries, working with the Finance Department, assists the sponsored ministries to identify a discrete set of measures (financial ratios like the Roadmap to Solvency) to be measured and monitored as a means of tracking performance.

Board Prayers
Prayers, focused on the history, mission and charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, are prepared by the Office of Sponsored Ministries for every meeting of the local sponsored ministry Boards. Using the same prayers unites all of the boards in faith.  Board members are asked to spend time reflecting on this prayer at each meeting.
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